These MARVEL X Nike collab footwear concepts turn your favorite Avengers into dope sneakers

Little did I know the Loki color palette would look THIS good on footwear!

It’s not like there’s a shortage of Marvel merch out there… but designer Paul Parsons managed to concoct something that looks and feels so awesome I’m literally trying to manifest it into existence. Created with the help of MidJourney’s AI, these Marvel X Nike football sneakers capture the grandeur of some of the MCU’s most memorable heroes (and anti-heroes). Treading a fine line between being sporty footwear and an homage to a comic-book character, these football boots look exceptional on their own, even when observed without context. The series spans 9 different footwear models, dedicated to distinct characters from the Avengers movie… and Wolverine. Scroll down to see which one is your favorite!

Designer: Paul Parsons

The Spider-Man sneaker obviously uses the traditional color palette, with a liberal application of randomized lines to represent the friendly neighborhood web-slinger’s webbing. Notice how none of the sneakers actually use logos of the Marvel heroes (so as to avoid any copyright infringement, I suppose), but do wonderfully integrate Nike’s tick sign into the shoes to give them their unique character. I assume Nike’s much more liberal with fan-made concepts than Disney.

Iron Man and Black Panther tie in second place just because I have so much love for the characters in general. The former’s shoe has a lean design but with more ‘chunky’ 3D elements that give it an exoskeleton-like appeal, coupled with that signature metallic red and gold interplay that we love so much. The Black Panther shoe, on the other hand, relies on a more Afrofuturistic-leaning design that’s heavy on textures and lines, much like T’Challa and Shuri’s suits. The use of gold makes me guess these are for the new Black Panther in our lives.

Loki and Thor are arguably the most difficult to replicate. Given that it’s difficult to add any signature motifs like horns or hammers on the shoes, everything boils down to color themes, and the use of thunder in the latter’s artwork. I really have a newfound appreciation for the green and gold combo, which Parsons’ football sneaker concept utilizes beautifully. The golden studs near the heel and the golden tick mark really make the shoe stand out. With Thor, I’d much rather see the use of the square chainmail that was found in Thor’s sleeves in earlier movies. The shoe uses a white and red interplay, with lightning streaks to invoke the Norse God of thunder.

Hulk’s footwear treatment seems more on the side of realism, given that the proportions are still very human. A creative call on the designer’s part, I still quite like this one. There’s a bit of an acidic toxic aesthetic here that feels more akin to The Lizard here, but still, a job well done! The creases and lines on the shoe somewhat feel like sinews and muscles, without the exaggerated proportions of The Hulk. Maybe a little purple would do the trick, as is found in the hero’s (tattered but holding-together) pants.

Wolverine seemed like a bit of a wild card here, but I’ve always loved what Hugh Jackman brought to the role. He’s more Wolverine than Robert is Iron Man, if you ask me… and I know that’s a controversial hot take. Again, this concept stays on the lines of realism by not including any razor-sharp adamantium studs at the bottom of the footwear… but that yellow and black aesthetic is just instantly recognizable. It uses stripes that can be found in the original costume too, with a sharp tick mark ‘cutting’ through for extra impact.

We bring our collection to its conclusion with Groot and Thanos. The two non-human sources of inspiration in this collection. The Groot footwear (grootwear?) has a wonderfully woody appeal, with roots and twigs curling around each other the way they do on the woody superhero’s body. The shoe rests on a carpet of leaves too, completely honoring the theme. With Thanos, however, the shoe’s design misses the inclusion of the Infinity Stones… but there’s the signature purple and golden melange that is synonymous with the character’s purple skin and golden gauntlet. Lines around the shoe’s ‘chin’ resemble the creases found on Thanos’ chin too!