This cleverly designed chair encourages you to hang your clothes on it!

Ask a designer what the purpose of a chair is and they’ll throw fancy words about lumbar support and complementing interior spaces. Ask a bachelor what the purpose of a chair is and you’ll get two answers – Sitting, and draping clothes.

The Jules chair by Sarah Willemart explores this unintended yet undeniably popular function of the chair. Designed to function as both a chair and a makeshift wardrobe, the Jules is a functional, aesthetic seating device with a new twist. The backrest of the chair comes with an unusual shape that actively promotes you to hang your clothes, from coats and pants, to even hats and handkerchiefs or scarves (or babushkas – a word I recently learnt). The backrest’s innovative shape comes with a bar on the top for hanging clothes, and a hole running through the cushion for you to hang kerchiefs through. The backrest even has shoulder-like proportions, letting you easily drape a coat on it without worrying about it losing its shape or getting wrinkled. Ingenious, eh? Sign me up for three of them.

Designer: Sarah Willemart