This game-changing backpack integrates Apple Find My for your peace of mind

It’s no longer unusual for people to carry laptops in their bags, whether they sling them over their backs or hang them over their shoulders. Most of these people probably don’t give a second thought to the overall design of these bags, focusing simply on how they look to make a good impression in public. The novelty of appearances, however, easily wears off once discomfort and inconvenience creep in, often leading to buyer’s remorse. Even worse is the horror of realizing that your bag may have been stolen or left behind somewhere, including your precious laptop and other properties. With a new trend in people’s lifestyles, it is high time for accessories such as bags to get an upgrade in order to better serve their owners. That’s exactly what the HyperPack Pro brings to the table, offering not only smart charging pass-throughs and battery pack pockets, but also security and peace of mind to modern-day workers and creatives.

Designer: HYPER

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Many backpacks today have a pocket for laptops, but these are often designed so simplistically and flimsily that they offer nothing more than just a thin separator between the laptop and everything else in the bag. Those that do have proper compartments for these computers, however, tend to neglect the other things you might want to carry with you. Some even neglect the wearer itself, forgetting that the humans carrying the bag on their backs might be even more fragile than what the bag contains.

Locate your HyperPack Pro from anywhere using Hyper’s built-in Apple® Find My™ Compatible Location Module.

Enter the HyperPack Pro with Apple Find My compatibility, a traveling partner designed for the needs of today’s on-the-go professionals. Of course, there’s a dedicated pocket big enough for a 16-inch laptop, and its soft suspended design protects your precious laptop not just from scratches but also from dents. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though, because the HyperPack Pro has so much more to offer, both inside and outside.

Strategic Charging Pockets & Passthroughs

Secure Interlocking Zippers

Water-resistant 1260D Cordura and YKK Aquaguard Zippers

With its 22L capacity, there’s plenty of room for everything you need in a day, and there is even a dedicated place for credit cards and passports inside the internal RFID Theft Protection Pocket. A hidden lumbar pocket also lets you easily stash and access critical items like cash, passports, keys, and the like. There’s a 1L water bottle pocket at the side to help keep you hydrated while preventing accidental spills inside. HYPER also uses the strategic placement of charging pockets and cable pass-throughs so that you can easily top up your gadgets without having them jumble around inside the bag’s spacious interior.

The HyperPack Pro’s signature feature, however, is in the other half of its name. Rather than having to fiddle with a third-party gadget or accessory, this innovative backpack has built-in support for Apple’s Find My network, allowing you to more easily locate the bag if you happen to lose it for one reason or another. They say prevention is better than cure, and the HyperPack Pro follows that adage by instantly alerting you if you stray too far from your bag or vice versa. Even better, that built-in tracker is powered by a replaceable CR2032, so you won’t have to worry about “recharging the bag” regularly.

All of these features are packed in a backpack that’s designed not only for convenience but also for security and comfort. Interlocking zippers will keep thieves off your back, literally and figuratively, while the YKK water-resistant zippers and a weather-resistant 1260D Cordura Nylon exterior protect it from unexpected rains and spills. Last but definitely not least, the triple-padded AirFlow System promises maximum support while letting your back remain cool, no matter the load. For only $120, the HyperPack Pro with Apple Find My compatibility definitely feels like a steal that easily pays for itself with the security and power that it offers.

Click Here to Buy Now: $120 $200 (40% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left!