A Sports Duffle that also doubles up as your gym locker


The Tribal sports bag is an aggregation of a number of good ideas, tied up well into a sports bag that’s a pleasure to own, use, and occasionally flaunt. Touted as the world’s first anti-theft sports bag, the Tribal comes with three security measures. A 3-digit combination lock sits on the front, protecting your sports gear and your belongings stashed in the main compartment. The Tribal even packs a YKK 8RCW double layer, anti-puncture zipper that can’t be pried or broken apart to access your belongings. While these two features secure the items within your bag, the bag itself has a retractable steel cable built into it, allowing you to tether your bag to a post, or a fence, preventing thieves from making off with the bag itself.

I don’t have the statistics of sports-bag theft on me at the moment, but it’s just common sense that any item of storage, from a briefcase containing nuclear codes, to a child’s lunchbag, should at its most basic level, deter theft. Claiming to be the first sports-bag that champions this cause, the Tribal, like I mentioned at the very outset, combines some pretty good features to make theft a drag. When you don’t have the luxury of a locker room, the Tribal works just fine, looking absolutely dapper, but discouraging anyone from accessing the contents of said dapper bag.

Its anti-theft properties aside, the bag comes with a design that’s versatile and feature-laden. Designed to be easy to carry when empty, the bag comes with a foldable design that compresses it into a flat pack that’s a cinch to carry around. When unfolded, the bag has multiple compartments for segregating your stuff, along with a rather innovative laundry/shoes pouch that opens inwards, allowing you to store soiled clothes or cleats without having them touch fresh clothes. The pouch comes with a ventilated lining to allow proper air circulation too.

Made with a specific purpose in mind, the Tribal bag packs all the features necessary to make it the ideal anti-theft sports bag. With security features that protect your gear/belongings while you’re engaged in your activities, detachable and adjustable straps that allow you to carry the bag in any way you see fit, ventilated pouches that prevent odor accumulation, and even a rain-cover to shield your bag from precipitation, the Tribal does what it set out to do, and does it well. Additional props for the reflective details on the bag that give it great visibility in the dark too, making the Tribal quite the allrounder!

Designer: Activcargo Design

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Tribal by Activcargo is the World’s 1st anti-theft sports bag with 3-layer anti-theft protection (combination lock, anti puncture zipper and steel wire).


The main compartment is secured by a 3-digit combination lock.

Main compartment is also reinforced by a YKK 8RCW double layer, anti-puncture proof zipper which is unable to be penetrated by sharp objects.

Retractable steel cable allows you to lock your bag onto any stationery object giving you reassurance your bag will be there when you return. The cable has a max bearing strength of 50kg.

A hidden rain cover protects your bag from the elements and it can also fold into itself for easy and compact storage.


Designed with a waterproof lining, the shoe and laundry compartment can expand throughout the whole cavity of your anti-theft sports bag.



The lower shoe compartment gives you more options to store and separate your gear, helping you to stay organized.


All straps are detachable and can be stored away when not in use giving you multiple options to carry your anti-theft sports bag in comfort depending on personal preference or the environment.


Pack in your gym gear and more.


Easy access dual bottle compartments are ideal for gym enthusiasts or they can be used to store smaller items such as an umbrella.

The Complete Features.

Other than the Stealth Black, there is a choice of Navy Teal

Chrome Pink

… and Grey Volt.






Click Here To Buy Now: $95 $157 (40% off). Hurry, Free Shipping!