The latest G-Shock watch brings a Japanese toy capsule inspired twist to your wrist

I haven’t worn an actual watch for the past 5 years or so, ever since the advent of the smartwatch. But lately, I’ve been thinking about going “old school” once again since I like the designs of these watches better than the usual designs I see even on the most fashionable of smartwatches. Back in my school days, I’ve always wanted to have those bulky but cute G-Shock watches, although I had to settle for a Baby G. But now that I’m considering going back to the more colorful basics, this new one from Casio is such an appealing option.

Designer: Casio G-Shock

The G-Shock line has been expanding the past years and the latest one that they’re adding is the G-B001 line with its double bezel Capsule Tough features. It has removable bezels made of stainless steel and urethane and on top of that, you get a resin case and the whole structure of the body is reinforced with Carbon Core Guard. The capsule design is inspired by those toy capsules that you get in vending machines in Japan which you never know what is inside them until you actually open them.

The G-B001 comes in three colorways, each with different characteristics that should appeal to users with various color preferences. The G-B001MVE has yellow and gray colors with red accents but you can get ombre blue bands and two-tone orange and green bezels to mix and match depending on your mood. It has a rainbow-like ion plating or IP so you get a chrome and mirror finish. The G-B001MVA comes in black and pink with a silver IP metal bezel and a strap design with pink slashes.

Lastly, if you prefer the more staid color combinations, the G-B001MVB has a gray and translucent urethane layer with gray straps and a gold IP metal bezel. Having the detachable bezels for all these models of the G-B001 lets you play around with the watch’s look and your OOTD, even as you still get protection from unexpected bumps and scratches, which for a clumsy person like me is fairly often. For now this seems to be available in Japan but hopefully we’ll get it elsewhere later this year.