LG SIGNATURE OLED M goes completely wireless to let you design your space more freely

TVs are getting incredibly thin to the point you’re likely to fear they’d snap in half at the slightest force. Of course, these thin and flat sets are designed to be able to blend more easily in their environment, like sticking to a wall as if it were built as part of your house. That illusion falls apart, however, when it’s time to connect an external source, like a hard drive, a cable, or even just a dongle, creating a disruption in your otherwise pristine room decor. To truly give you the freedom to design as you wish, LG is putting out what could be the most innovative wireless TV in the market, which completely cuts all the cord except for the one that gives power to your TV.

Designer: LG

There are plenty of wireless solutions for TVs these days, especially thanks to the proliferation of technologies like Apple AirPlay, Google Cast, Miracast, and similar. While convenient for “throwing” content from phones and mobile devices, these technologies choke when it comes to higher-quality videos. There’s also no escaping other sources of content, like cable TV or set-top boxes or even that Ethernet cable for high-speed Internet.

The new 97-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED M (model M3) solves this by separating the source from the destination, specifically by having a separate Zero Connect Box as the hub for all your content. This box is able to wirelessly transmit 4K 120Hz videos to the spacious screen, almost as if it were directly connected to the TV with a cable. Even better, Zero Connect technology can automatically adjust its path to get the best transmission even when people or pets move around the area, potentially getting in the way. The box is also voice-controlled, so you can conveniently hide it somewhere in the room and still have access to its features and content.

The SIGNATURE OLED M model M3 itself is both a thing of beauty and a marvel of technology. Thin, stylish, and almost bezel-free, the TV easily blends with whatever theme or design you have going for your living room. It is equipped with all the goodness of LG’s SIGNATURE line of OLED TVs, delivering not only vibrant images but also clear and crisp sound, all sent through the air at ultra-fast speeds.

Of course, the TV isn’t completely wireless since you’ll still have to make provisions for the power cable. You’ll still need to connect some sources with wires to the Zero Connect box and then hide that box from view if you wish. But being able to get rid of almost all cords and cables is already a very liberating proposition, and this 4K OLED TV is likely to find fans among those eager to design the perfect living room with an “invisible” TV. The 97-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED M (model M3) will arrive in the second half of the year and will also be available in 77-inch and 83-inch sizes.