AI-generated Gaudi-like kitchen and home appliances add aesthetics to your space

Over the past decades, the minimalist and stark aesthetic has become the favored kind of design, from vehicles to gadgets to kitchen appliances. While there are certain people who appreciate this kind of look and would prefer their homes to be the same, there are also people who prefer to have some more color and more vibrant designs to our home appliances and decorations to add something more to our spaces. AI designs may be a bit controversial now but there are some designers who are using it to create their own takes on furniture and appliance designs.

Designer: Marcus Byrne

Catalan Architect Antoni Gaudi has been one of the most popular and decorated names when it comes to modernist works. What if he also designed much more mundane but still useful things? That is the idea behind this series of designs of regular household appliances based on Gaudi aesthetics using artificial intelligence image generator software. What the visual storyteller came up with can fit in as museum pieces but also will add a bit more pizzaz to your kitchen if they actually get made into appliances.

The different appliance designs have various flowing shapes and textured surfaces that bring to mind natural things like trees, caves, and other organic formations. But they have splashes of various colors to add to the opposite of minimalist aesthetics. The designs are combinations of various art styles like neo-gothic, art nouveau, and modernist, creating some interesting looking appliances like a toaster, a mixer, a vacuum cleaner, a microwave, a coffee machine, a kettle, an iron, a hair dryer, etc.

The sometimes abstract-looking designs add to the modern look of these appliances although the various shapes and textures may also affect the functionality if these designs ever come to fruition. They will make interesting conversation pieces for sure although I for one would hesitate to use them often as they have more of a museum feel than something you will want to use every day. There are still a lot of issues about AI-generated designs but that’s a conversation for another time.