A simple way to make crushed ice

Fine crushed ice is reserved for those with a fancy in-door refrigerator dispenser, right? Wrong! This hand-held ice crusher works by manually twisting each end to activate the internal crushing components. Small enough to throw in a drawer, now anyone can have flaky ice to add an aesthetic and textural effect to beverages!

Designer: Jeroen van der Liende


  • t says:

    1-I’m pretty sur you can’t have enough torque to crush the ice … that’s why on a regular (old) one you have a crank (see the unreable last black picture)
    2- Are you sure about your ergonomics ? the illustration doesn’t serve your design, because of the glass … you all know the size of this kind of glass, and it’s ok to fit in your hand, we know that some other glass have a bigger size … but look at your product, it’s huuuuuuge, and impossible to fit in one single hand like on your second picture.

    Advice : Some more, or show less (by more i mean more technical view, with all the gears supose to be here to reach the right torque you want to crush the ice) (and by less I mean forget the hand, fake the product size, or whatever more “artistic” than design)

  • zartan says:

    I just love it! The freshness, the air, freedom 🙂 Reminds me of this fashion series as well http://les-actualites.tumblr.com/post/45844114235/spring-pong-today-is-the-begining-of-spring-and

  • Jeroen says:

    You’re suggesting your hand is not larger than a regular glass? If so, the hand is perfectly capable of going around the baskets at both ends of the crusher. Since you are using two hands and not one, this product will work without a doubt.

  • Name* says:

    What ever happen to putting the ice a cloth and bang the shit out of it with a rolling pin?

  • Jeroen says:

    This is a more sophisticated way of doing it, one in which you don’t scare little children or your grandmother.

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