An ingeniuos charger designed to let you wrap charging cable around the head is the life-hack we want in 2023

Arguably, ninety in every hundred people have the habit of wrapping a charging cable around the charger head. It’s perhaps the most convenient way to keep the charger and cable secure.

Despite this being one of the most casual activities, it is not the best for the cable, which generally breaks on ends where the twisting of the cable creates the most pressure. No smartphone maker or an accessories manufacturer, for that matter, seems to have taken heed of this pain problem.

Designer: Blond

Wrapping the cable around the head clips the wire over time, which leads to multiple purchases in a lifetime and also increases e-waste. As a solution, never ideally thought of before, Blond Ltd has come up with Nolii Wrap, a single statement charger that’s designed to live with you.

The nifty little gadget, ditches the square/rectangular form factor of a smartphone charger, and replaces it with a tiny drum-style design. The round silhouette makes Nolii Wrap essentially important for the nomadic and work-from-anywhere generation that does not have the luxury of staying organized on the go.

Nolii Wrap helps people keep the chargers and cables organized by offering grooves (on the two ends) to ensure the cables can be wrapped around the body, without the fear of breakage, to last for a lifetime. By wrapping around, the cable tangles lesser, it’s easier to transport, and it does not break. Neatly wrapped, the cable also doesn’t add to the mess on a work desk.

The cable while being attached to the charger can wrap around its body. The Nolii Wrap is provided in soft-touch casing and comes in a range of bright, almost neon colors, that give the device its bold and playful aesthetic. It features a duo of USB-C ports and allows the cable wrapped around the charger to remain secure by locking it into place.

The lock is achieved through a soft-touch silicone casing that allows one to push the cable end into the groove. While for me it is still not the most streamlined way to wrap the cable around the charger (perhaps grooves in the middle could add substance), however, as long as it allows the cable to remain tangle free and not clip off on ends, I’m still partly satisfied.