Move over, Nintendo Switch – this gaming console concept comes with joy-cons AND a folding display

While the demand for a folding phone seems to be incredibly niche (and localized to just Asia), this conceptual gadget named Tam Tam makes a pretty compelling case for folding phones by turning them into the most versatile gaming devices. The Tam Tam can be used as a phone, a handheld controller, a mini console, or even a nifty multiplayer gaming system for two or more people. The secret? Folding displays and detachable Nintendo Switch-style joy-cons.

Designer: Jinseon Lee

The Tam Tam is a portable folding console with a Huawei Mate X-style outward folding design. The phone exists independently, but pairs rather well with a set of interchangeable joy-cons that snap onto either side, turning it into a makeshift Switch-style console. The joy-cons can be used separately too, allowing you to explore various gaming arrangements – my personal favorite being Tam Tam’s multiplayer mode.

The multiplayer mode sees the phone set up in an A-shaped format with two halves of the screen facing each of the players (sort of like a game of battlefield). Players can even set the phones up in a 4-player format (image below) and play a variety of competitive games. Unlike the Nintendo Switch, however, Tam Tam offers a whole range of controller types, spanning D-pads, knobs, broad joysticks (or joy-discs), etc.

The controllers can be attached or detached on demand

Multiple controller formats enable different gaming experiences

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a folding console, though. A foldable Nintendo Switch 2 concept surfaced last year, which sported the same versatile gaming format, albeit with a larger tablet-sized foldable display. Earlier this year, redditor MikeDubbz hacked together a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip to let you mount Switch Joy-Cons on each side. The Z Flip ran an emulator, turning the popular foldable phone into a faux Gameboy of sorts!