This voluptuous seat collection creates an oasis of comfort in your home

These are very trying times for many people across the world. From health concerns to economic woes to even dreadful wars, people are always looking for ways to relieve their stress. Some might be able to find relief in traveling or camping, though most will probably attempt to use scents and sounds to calm their nerves. The simplest solution, however, is to have comfortable furniture that evokes a sense of calm and peace, especially in its form. Flock is exactly that kind of furniture that’s designed to create a cozy and comfortable space right inside your home just by looking at it, inviting people to come together and take comfort in each other’s presence.

Designer: Kateryna Sokolova for NOOM

Chairs, by nature, are designed to be comfortable enough to sit on for hours on end, though there are definitely some designs that challenge that assumption. But just because they are suitable for sitting doesn’t mean they are immediately appealing to the eyes. In fact, some of the common chair designs look cold and clinical, prioritizing function but almost neglecting form. Conversely, there are some chairs that look extremely cozy but go the opposite extreme and provide almost no proper support for your body.

Flock is a furniture collection that blends form and function in an aesthetically pleasing way that sends a clear message across to anyone who sees it. Looking almost like balls of cotton, the chair and ottoman bear forms that can easily be described as sensual and textures that are a delight to touch. The design also conjures up images of cocoons or wrapping one’s self with a blanket, both of which evoke feelings of warmth and comfort.

The collection, however, isn’t just envisioned to bring comfort to a single person. Its very name suggests a gathering or coming together, often of like-minded or familiar people like family and friends. These seats are intended to be the centerpieces in a home, particularly in spaces where people gather, to offer a sanctuary that brings pleasure not just to your body but also to your senses.

It is both ironic and fitting that Flock was made against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, one of the biggest sources of stress and despair for many people since the COVID-19 pandemic. The collection was made from materials that had to be acquired through new sources and quickly manufactured in new locations to adjust to the effects of war in that country. The end result is a beautiful furniture collection that almost becomes a symbol of peace and calm that stands defiant in the face of war and stress, bringing people in your home together to relax, kick back, and celebrate life.