This $266 wireless speaker with two passive radiators will quite literally blow your mind

Although it looks surprisingly like the Devialet Mania that was released just a few months back, the dB1 Doublebass from ub+ actually pre-dates the Mania by almost a year. Launched at the beginning of this year, the dB1 Doublebass looks and feels just like a premium hi-fi audio unit, but with a much more affordable price tag for that premium design. The speaker also packs two 5.2-inch passive radiators on either side that vibrate furiously to create a stunning audiovisual experience, and a whopping 4.5-inch woofer inside its relatively compact, portable design. Measuring smaller than a soccer ball in diameter, the dB1 Doublebass is capable of outshining speakers thrice its size with the ability to push out audio as loud as 90 decibels… and it’s about the same price as the Apple AirPods Pro.

Designer: UB+

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The dB1’s multisensorial appeal starts with its outer design, which rivals even the Mania. The speaker’s spherical form is both sleek and sculptural, with the geometric flower-inspired grill detail on the front that instantly grabs your eye. There isn’t much to the speaker in terms of its silhouette. Everything sits flush against its spherical outline, including the rotary knob on top and the two passive radiators on each side… but that’s only up until the music begins playing. Then everything changes.

When the music starts playing, the dB1 goes from a sleek speaker to a sonic sculpture, with the two passive radiators on the side vibrating vigorously to create a rich, oomphy sound that gets the hairs on the back of your neck standing. The human ear doesn’t process bass really well, but the body does (it’s why you can feel the drumbeat in your chest at concerts), and the two passive radiators on the sides of the dB1 do just that, creating bass that ‘moves you’.

At the same time, the dB1’s internal 4.5″ bass driver and a 1.5″ tweeter (made from silk) help give the wireless speaker a range of 40Hz to 20,000Hz, covering a wide gamut of frequencies to create a fully rounded soundscape with minimal latency and distortion.

The speaker measures a mere 7.2 inches wide in diameter, and can be used in a variety of ways. A leather handle on the top makes it easy to carry around (it’s also IPx5 water resistant, making it quite suitable for outdoor use), while the speaker’s flat-ish base keeps it stable on tabletop surfaces. Given its sculptural design, though, the dB1 pairs perfectly with its companion tripod that turns it into a floor-standing audio-experience unit that can be placed anywhere in the house to create the perfect sound stage. In fact, through its ‘Matrix Connect’ feature, UB+ allows you to pair as many as 8 dB1 Speakers together. Don’t expect your neighbors to appreciate that, however.

The speaker sports a solitary knob on the top that controls its experience. The knurled surface is easy to grab and rotate (given that it sits relatively flat against the dB1’s design), and the tapping lets you play/pause your music. The dB1 also connects to your phone via Bluetooth 5.3, seamlessly allowing you to play music, videos, podcasts, and everything else with minimal distortion and lag. Want to manage your audio better? The UB+ app gives you precise control over your speaker (or multiple speakers across your house). You can configure them to work as left and right channels with your television, or even have them work independently in different parts of the home, playing different music.

The dB1 comes in three colors – white, matte silver, and black, and ships with a matching anodized aluminum tripod stand. Four 2,500 mAh batteries on the inside give the speaker a run-time of a whopping 20 hours, with the ability to charge it via USB-C when it’s running low on juice. Oh, and did I mention, there’s also a 3.5mm audio input on this bad boy?!

At a price tag of $266, it’s really difficult to find faults with the dB1. It looks remarkable as a speaker and sounds ridiculously good for a speaker of the same price. It also skips right over the ‘smart speaker’ nonsense and focuses on the stuff that truly matters – the speaker’s actual performance, especially in a way that will truly excite audiophiles.

Click Here to Buy Now: $266 USD $382 USD (30% OFF) Hurry! Only 4 days left!