‘Portable wind-farm’ with a folding design lets you harness renewable wind energy anywhere you go

Because solar panels are yesterday’s news…

The beauty of wind is that it isn’t really tied to the time of day the way the sun is. You could easily generate wind energy at night as you could in the daytime. The only barrier so far has been the fact that setting up your own wind farm is ridiculously expensive and space-intensive. In comes Jackery’s AIR-W, a portable, lightweight wind energy generator with a folding design that allows it to be as compact and easy to carry as a set of solar panels. Crafted with a thermoplastic carbon-fiber composite body, the AIR-W is hyper-portable and stands at approximately 5 feet all. It sports two wind turbines stacked vertically, with folding blades that open out in the shape of a fan when needed, and a tripod-style base with built-in nails that let you firmly fix the AIR-W on any type of land or terrain. Set it up and you now have your own personal wind farm capable of generating up to 200W of output power, enough to juice your laptop, phone, wireless speaker, tablet, and drone together!

Designer: Shenzhen Hello Tech Energy Co. Ltd. for Jackery

The AIR-W is the most compact wind turbine for its power output, providing 200W in a package small enough to slide right under your arm when folded shut. The carbon-fiber composite gives the structure its signature lightness while also ensuring it’s just as tough and can take on everything from mild breezes to strong gusts of air. To prevent the AIR-W from tipping over or flying away, the tripod base has built-in nails that dig right into the surface of the ground, securing itself similar to how a tent would. It’s built to be waterproof too, with an IP67 rating that allows you to use it in even inclement weather to keep your home or campsite powered through the storm!

The Jackery AIR-W is a Best Of Best Winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2022.

The Red Dot Awards: Design Concept is now accepting entries for its 2023 edition. Click here to participate or visit the Red Dot Awards website to learn more. Early Submission Phase ends on January 18th, 2023.