This pine-shaped treehouse provides picturesque views of the Italian Alps

Italian architecture brand Studio Beltrame has designed a stunning treehouse, which mimics the shape of a pine tree, and has been tucked away and concealed subtly in the lush forests of the Italian Alps. Called II Pino, the holiday home consists of three levels stacked one on top of the other, each providing a different opportunity to connect with nature. The home is energy efficient, and positioned among the high treetops which are visited only by birds!

Designer: Studio Beltrame

Besides being energy efficient, II Pino is also completely off-grid, as it produces its own renewable energy owing to the solar PV panels outfitted on the roof. Each floor of the home provides a different experience with nature and the surrounding forest. You can interact with the forest, and connect with it in a unique manner on each of the levels. The base of the home is completely covered by trees and serves as an intimate and private space. While the level in the center has a meditative atmosphere and is surrounded by tree fronds. The highest level is probably the best, as it provides beautiful views of the majestic snow-capped peaks of the Italian Alps.

II Pino was designed to perfectly integrate with its green surroundings. It features three pitched roofs that are stacked on top of each other, creating a vertical assembly, that occupies a minimal footprint, and resembles the trees surrounding it. The three roofs have also been clad in green larch shingles, allowing them to camouflage effortlessly with the neighboring pine needles.

The interiors of the cabin will be marked by wall slabs and furnishing finished with natural CLT, to create an immersive experience of holidaying in the Italian Alps. II Pino was selected by Airbnb’s OMG! Fund! Competition, and received a large grant, and we will hopefully see it come to life next summer!