This bright red cabin is inspired by the traditional Norwegian boathouses

Norwegian architecture studio Handegård Arkitektur designed a bright red cabin on the seafront in Hankøsundet, Østfold. Called Bathhouse, the cabin is raised on stacks of granite, elevating it above the water, and giving the impression that it is floating in the air. The cabin was heavily influenced by the aesthetics of traditional Norwegian boathouses, especially their red color exteriors.

Designer: Handegård Arkitektur

The cabin was built for a client who lives near the coast and aims to be a ‘modern reinterpretation’ of traditional Norwegian boathouses. The studio used contemporary materials and techniques to create this lively-looking cabin since the client wanted a space that was both modern and traditional.

The cabin’s red-painted finish, tin roof, and thick granite stacks in the water give the impression of a traditional boathouse quite accurately. But at the same time, it has been designed with a twist. The cabin’s living area is covered by a second layer of timber planks, angled at 45 degrees, which aim to create a sense of privacy, especially when the home is seen from the seafront. At the same time, this skin of planks also provides stunning views of the water, from the inside.

“Several of the cladding boards are angled…they close the building towards the back and open it towards the front. When you enter, you experience the purpose – you are sheltered at the same time as having a view of the entire sea,” said the studio.

The red timber planks are connected to the galvanized steel frame of the home, creating an internal space that is open, free-flowing, and uninterrupted. The cabin features two huge red doors, which provide access to a separate bathroom section, and to the cabin itself from the little wooden dock which extends out into the water.

The interiors of the cabin include a living area lined with plywood, a wood-burning stove, a nifty minibar, and a cozy open space for sun loungers. Two full-height swing doors allow the home to be completely opened to the outdoors, creating a lovely indoor-outdoor connection. The bathroom section is placed a little lower than the gabled roof, creating a little mezzanine space, which holds a bed, and that can be accessed with the help of a small ladder.