“Dancing” opener adds to the fun of opening your drink

One of the best and most relaxing sounds you’ll hear is that pop of the bottle cap and the initial fizz as you open a bottle of beer or, if you’re not the drinking kind, a bottle of soda or any bottled drink of your choice. Whether you’re drinking alone and relaxing at the end of a stressful day or if you’re hanging out with friends and enjoying their company over drinks, this is a sound that can make you go “aaahhh” or “ooohhh”. Now what if the instrument you use to open that bottle can share in your joy or add a bit more enjoyment to the moment?

Designer: Leemok Studio

That’s the thinking behind this simple concept for a bottle opener called the Dancing Opener. Lest you think that it’s a complicated gizmo that can show off the latest TikTok dance trend or something, it’s actually a pretty simple and functional accessory that you can bring along to your drinking sessions. It’s round shaped with a curved convex-like hole which is how you can use it to pop open a bottle. After you’ve opened the bottle, you take the opener for a spin, placing it on its circular head and sliding your fingers to make it “dance”.

Okay, dance is probably an exaggeration of what the opener actually does. It seems to be able to balance on its head and as you gently flip it, it goes round and round. Think of it more as a ritual you can do after you open the bottle or as you say “cheers”, “kampai”, “geonbae”, “prost” or whatever language you’re drinking to. It’s basically like spinning a top or coin on its head except that the circumference is a bit thicker so it’s easier to balance and spin.

Sure, if you want to see it as a “dancing opener”, you might as well call it that. The idea is to have a bit more fun as you open the thing that will be bringing you more fun (hopefully) the rest of the night. It’s a simple enough product that we won’t be surprised to see it in the market anytime soon.