This interactive yoga mat turns stretching into a game, gives users daily motivation to exercise

Unlike the ordinary stretching mats, Solelp features a smart mat, camera-laden bar, interactive handles and a mobile app that gives users a connected environment to perform and enjoy stretching for a better body posture.

Living in the pandemic, we have all understood the importance of staying fit and healthy. Staying healthy is not just about building muscles, eating a healthy diet, or achieving aerobic fitness. You must think about your body posture and flexibility (which is taking a backseat as we continue to work from home). This is where stretching comes in!

Solelp, a yoga mat-like device is designed primarily to make stretching exercises a game you’d want to play over and over again. By combining stretching with engaging gameplay – the user is pushed through missions, goals, and points, to keep one focused on a sense of achievement. This helps anyone enjoy stretching as an exciting everyday activity.

Designed for the home gyms, this stretching device – that folds away when not in use – unlike the ordinary stretching mats, Solelp comes with a smart mat, camera-laden bar, interactive handles, and a mobile app giving the user a connected environment to perform and enjoy stretching for a better body posture and health. The bar on the head of the mat integrates a LiDAR camera sensor to accurately scan the user’s body posture and provide real-time feedback.

To augment the concept of interactive stretching, the mat is enabled with an LED screen that guides the user with the placement of hands and feet using touchpoints. Further, a pair of handles provided with the kit offers a nice, smooth grip and emits colors as the user interacts with it. These handles with resistance bands can be used for stretching and receive instant posture feedback. Interestingly the onboard controls on the handles can be used to interact with the camera bar and the two speakers at either end that can be used to play music as you play the game of stretching.

This exciting stretching device is connected to your smartphone via an app, wherein you get all the routines, rewards, and missions to complete. These are designed to keep you motivated in your stretching routine. The Solelp has an interesting overall design and build that continues to convey a fun and energetic mood, keeping you healthier and with a body posture to flaunt!

Stretching in addition to helping improve body posture can enhance its performance and physical activity. It can decrease the person’s risk of injuries and enable the muscles to work most effectively. Stretching is a solution to painful backs and regular routine is essential for good posture. Many of us however find it difficult to remain motivated to exercise, an interactive device as the Solelp can make stretching exercises easy and interesting for the good of our bodies.

Designer: Minj Co.