Top 10 Personal gadgets gift guide to give your style the ultimate cool tech upgrade

Our handpicked collection of personal gadgets aren’t just simple objets d’art or mere productivity tools… some of them are designed to help you build a better life by improving yourself and your abilities. These personal gadgets are gadgets that encourage your mind to grow, to adapt, and to make your life better by helping introduce healthier behaviors. We’ve got mind-coaching headphones, posture-correcting wearables, and health-tracking rings… but hey, what’s life without a little fun and flair?! We’ve also handpicked retro-inspired watches, stylish smart glasses with built-in audio device, a tiny versatile handheld music instrument, and if you’re ready to splurge, a 6DoF VR treadmill right out of a sci-fi film that lets you walk miles in your videogame without even leaving your living room! This curated list of personal gadgets has a little something for everyone, and whether you’re looking for self-improvement, self-indulgence, or just a little personal organization, you’re going to love what we’ve got in store!

1. Nixie Tube Watch Nixoid Next

Speaking of gadgets in today’s world, we rarely think of the tech gone by. Nixie tubes represent such an era – of the time lost yet the time when tech was developing and everything was more maximalist in its approach, but unique given its hand-made creativity and ease of repairing. That is until the guys at Nixoid got their hands on them! In sharp contrast to the sleek smartwatches sported by the world, this steampunk-inspired NIXOID NEXT comes fitted with the incredibly rare Nixie VFD lamps that were discovered over 25 years ago. The watch incorporates an accelerometer that lights up the VFD tubes light up when tilted towards the user. Fun fact, these tubes were discovered in a warehouse from the days of the USSR, making it a historic limited-edition collectible. Charging points on the back of the watch allow you to charge it easily. The watch has a scratch-resistant sapphire case and measures just 16.9mm in thickness – a feat given how bulky Nixie tubes can be. With a high-contrast blue light shining on the tubes from the bottom creating a bright colour-palette, this watch is meant for those who are proud to show it off with its futuristic, almost neon-inspired style that showcases a futuristic neon-cyberpunk look.

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2. MOMAX Magnetic Power Bank

No, this isn’t a new product from, but it just may be the coolest smartphone accessory you can own! Meet the MOMAX Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger, a transparent MagSafe-compatible wireless power bank that can snap right to the back of your iPhone. It comes with a built-in 5000mAh battery that can charge your iPhone from 0 to 100 more than once, and a built-in kickstand that lets you prop your phone up vertically or horizontally. The power bank comes in both USB-C and MFI-certified Lightning variants, and if you’re looking for more juice, there’s even a beefier 10,000mAh version, although it’s more than twice as thick as your conventional smartphone. A hallmark of the MOMAX Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger’s design is its transparent cover. The power bank comes with an aluminum chassis for heat dissipation but has a transparent panel on the front that lets you peek underneath the hood to see the magnet array, wireless charging coil, and the device’s PCB structure. Oh, and an LED indicator allows you to gauge your wireless power bank’s battery level so you’re never low on power!

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3. Oura Ring Gen 3

The saying big things come in small packages applies to the Oura Ring Gen3. Although it is small, it is pretty mighty! It is currently supposed to be the most stylish wearable on the market and is power-packed with excellent features, accuracy, and innovation. Amped with research-grade sensors, the ring diligently monitors your sleep, activity, recovery, temperature, heart rate, stress, and more – and it does so with utmost precision and accuracy. It is also super comfortable to wear, extremely lightweight, water resistant, and durable! It has a timeless and elegant aesthetic, which allows you to wear it for any occasion, during the day or night. The Oura Gen3’s battery life is quite impressive, as it can last for up to 7 days. It can be fast charged, providing you with a full charge in just 20-80 minutes. It comes in a variety of different colors such as Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and more, as well as two style options – allowing you to pick a ring that perfectly complements your personal aesthetic.

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4. The Move+ LED & Laser

Here’s a health wearable that ACTUALLY improves your health in a measurable way! The Kineon MOVE+ straps onto any part of your body and uses dual-light therapy to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and boost blood circulation. It’s much more effective than ointments and sprays that only work on a surface level, and is obviously healthier than popping painkillers. The MOVE+ uses two types of light – visible red LEDs cover large areas and work on the surface to stimulate collagen production and improve circulation, while concentrated beams of laser light focus on individual areas, penetrating as deep as 6mm below the surface to target deep-seated chronic pain like osteoarthritis or cartilage damage. This dual-light technology is further enhanced by MOVE+’s modular design. With multiple units that can be strapped together and size-adjusted, the MOVE+ can be wrapped around your knees, shoulders, neck, elbows, or any part of your body that’s experiencing joint/tissue pain or inflammation. The entire modular wearable is wireless and portable, which means you can carry it to the gym, training ground, or even on holidays (especially the ones that require trekking or walking). Besides, you can use MOVE+ without needing to consult a physician (since it isn’t intravenous or invasive) – just adjust the dosage cycle to fit your requirements and you’re set!

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5. Bittle Robot Dog

Meet Bittle, a friendly, adorable, palm-sized version of Boston Dynamics’ popular robot dog, Spot. Weighing just 10.2 ounces (290 grams) and measuring a mere 7.9 inches from nose to tail, Bittle may seem like a child’s toy, but it’s really a powerful STEM learning kit! Equipped with 10 plastic-gear servo motors that power its limbs and neck, Bittle is just about as capable as the Boston Dynamics robot dog. In fact, it can even follow commands, learn tricks, and perform them at will! Bittle runs on an open-source platform and understands many languages including C++, Python, Codecraft (a Scratch-like drop and drop coding environment), and a bunch of human languages too (when connected to a Raspberry Pi for voice command recognition). The little robotic pupper comes as separate parts, and putting your Bittle together is both an experimental and learning experience. Bittle also boasts a modular design that lets you modify and upgrade your robo-dog, including plugging a tiny camera into its mouth to let it capture video feeds! Designed for tinkerers, hobbyists, and young ones looking to dive into robotics, Bittle is a brilliantly versatile STEM education tool that’s more powerful than it looks!

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6. Orbitkey Nest

The Orbitkey Nest is the iconic stationery box reinterpreted and revamped! It functions as a home for everyday essentials, storing not only your pencils and erasers but your EDC as well. The Nest is the ideal option for securely storing and organizing your chargers, cables, AirPods, hard disks, SD cards, pen drives, etc – especially if you’re someone who regularly falls victim to a messy desk. The nifty nest not only holds and docks your tech necessities but also helps you maintain an organized desk space, which is integral to productivity and a clutter-free mind as well. The Nest’s upper surface comes with a slight indentation, perfect for resting your wallet, keys, or watch, while a dedicated zone even acts as a wireless charger for your phone. The box has been crafted from lovely materials – it comes with a top-grain leather upper, a polycarbonate shell, and a nylon fabric base layer, giving it a clean and contemporary look that allows it to harmoniously merge with the rest of your desk.

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7. KAT Walk C2

Designed to give you a Ready Player One-inspired experience with your VR headset, the KAT Walk C2 is a VR treadmill that gives you the ability to move in the VR space without actually moving in the real world. The treadmill, when paired with specific non-friction footwear, lets you walk, run, strafe, tiptoe, and jump all in one space, while a harness straps to you and lets you turn and lean without you falling off the rig. The entire treadmill rig acts as an imput device for your VR headset, sending data to it about which direction you’re moving in and how fast you’re moving. Optical sensors track your every move, capturing even micro movements as inputs. Moreover, the entire treadmill acts as a haptic feedback device, with vibrations that help you feel every step you’re taking. It really doesn’t get any more immersive!

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8. Orba Musical Instrument

It looks like a tiny steel drum, feels like a Tamagotchi, has buttons like a MIDI controller, and has a design so intuitive even amateurs turn into music producers. Meet Orba, an adorably palm-sized device that’s about as powerful as any professional music-making gear out there. Made to democratize music production as a means to explore possibilities, tickle one’s creativity, take a break, or make some serious music, Orba can be used by amateurs and professionals alike. It comes with a design that’s comfortable to grasp, and an interface that’s easy to use. The Orba has a set of touch-sensitive keys on the top that you can tap or slide on. The device even has a built-in accelerometer that registers shakes, so you can go from playing drums on it to waving it like a rattle or shaker. Orba comes with its own built-in presets that include drums, synths, chords, leads, basslines, effects, and even a looper to create music sequences. Alternatively, you could plug it to your music-making setup and use it as an input device to control your modular synths or other instruments! With the Orba, there are no rules. Just absolute creative freedom!

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If you remember Pavlov’s dog, the UPRIGHT Go should instantly ‘ring a bell’! Through constant reminders and gradual training, this wearable device helps correct your posture to prevent you from slouching while you’re sitting or standing. It attaches to your neck and has sensors that detect the angle of your spine. Leaning forward for a significantly long time tells the UPRIGHT GO that you’re probably slouching, and it delivers a gentle vibration to you, reminding you to sit upright. Just 2 weeks of using the tiny wearable helps correct not just your posture but also your behavior, so you’re less likely to subconsciously hunch or slouch while sitting in front of a computer or your phone again. Don’t want that vibrating feedback? Just press a button on the UPRIGHT GO device and it enters tracking mode, where it constantly monitors your posture and shares stats with you on the smartphone app. You’ll feel healthier, more energetic, and much more confident with that straight spine!

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10. Mendi Brain Training

Your brain, just like your body, needs exercise to stay fit. However, it’s easier to work out your body and measure progress, but not so much with your mind – that’s where Mendi comes in. Mendi is the first clinical-grade brain training product designed for home use. The headband-shaped wearable sits around your temple, and uses sensors that measure brain activity. The gadget then connects to your smartphone, using an app to help you visualize your brain activity. It does so in the form of a game, where your goal is to score high points. All you need to do is focus with your mind, and Mendi detects oxygen and nutrients flowing to your brain’s prefrontal cortex. The more you focus and concentrate, the stronger and healthier your brain gets, and the higher you end up scoring in the game. It’s a uniquely clever way to visualize progress and see how healthy and fit your brain is. Mendi comes with endorsements and support from leading organizations around the world, including NASA and the EU. Just a simple 10-minute session twice or thrice a week should yield optimal results, helping your mind get the exercise it needs to function better.

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