This is the wireless charger that should have been made years ago

The consumer electronics industry is all about oneupmanship between large companies and ever so often, a small time player will release a product that’s so revolutionary, it deserves to be applauded. The Unravel is that product.

The Unravel is a trio of charging pads, packed in a slick foldable design. Designed to be plugged into either a power outlet or a power-bank, the Unravel can be used with your phone, watch, and even wirelessly charging earphones. The triple-pad layout puts convenience above everything else, giving you the ability to charge all your products using just one cable and one power outlet. When done, the Unravel folds up into a slim profile and slides right into your backpack.

The genius of the Unravel lies in a lot of things, the first one being the fact that not one single large player thought of this before. As companies increasingly push out products that charge wirelessly (Apple and Samsung, my eyes are on you), it only makes sense to create a charger that can simultaneously charge all your accessories (although three separate chargers make more sense from a capitalist standpoint). The Unravel is, in that sense, revolutionarily convenient for giving you a slick, portable one-stop solution to wirelessly charge your devices. The Unravel takes this convenience a step further with its ability to be propped up as a docking stand. The charger folds into a triangle, and a kickstand at the base of one of the pads opens up to allow your phone to be propped up while charging, giving you the ultimate convenience of having your phone oriented vertically so you can make calls, conduct video conferences, or just watch movies.

With three 10W charging pads for fast charging, a hinge detail that has complete 360° of freedom, and a format that is convenient in many more ways than one, the Unravel is the wireless charging solution that should have come out back when the Apple Watch released, or at least when Apple announced AirPower (although it’s fair to say that the Unravel was in its developmental phase then). More importantly, it’s a product that ought to teach large companies a lesson in innovative, consumer-centric design, for where else will you get three wireless chargers combined into a foldable bar that props up into a charging dock when needed, and folds down into a wonderfully small, pocket-friendly brick when you’re on the go!

Designer: Ampere

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Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 (33% off). Hurry! Only 48 hours to go!