This self-sufficient plant pot is also a beautiful desk light and decoration

People have different reasons for raising different kinds of plants in different locations. Some grow vegetables outdoors both as a hobby as well as a source of fresh food. Others have indoor herbs they could pluck out and add to their food in a flash. There are also plenty that raise green things to add some literal life into rooms and houses, giving them both something to do and something to look at when stuck at home like in the past two years or so. Despite being less involved than growing things you can eat, raising houseplants isn’t trivial, especially with all the different factors involved. Fortunately, there is a growing number of appliances designed to make that activity almost dead simple, and this smart, self-watering pot is made to look just as beautiful as the plant that it puts on display.

Designer: Ivan Zhurba

While there are definitely plants that require very little maintenance, like succulents that have become a bit trendy recently, most small plants you’d want to grow indoors need more than just watering each day. In fact, it might be bad for the plant if you shower it with water that often. The plant will also need sunlight, which might not be available all the time or in all places in your house. Fortunately, the Vivo Pot takes care of both for you.

At its core, Vivo (no relation to the smartphone brand) is a self-sufficient and self-watering pot, allowing you to almost have no involvement in the day-to-day maintenance of the plant. It also has COB (chip-on-board) LEDs that deliver the light that the plant needs to grow. Admittedly, there are now a few devices or designs that offer the same capabilities, but what makes the Vivo Pot different is that it is a sight to behold on its own, whether it has a growing plant to show off or not.

When completely closed and unused, the pot resembles an egg, which is a fitting metaphor for the start of life. Curved grooves swirl around its body, giving it a distinct dynamic look that turns it into a decorative piece that sits on your desk or shelf. Of course, the pot is meant to be opened, and the height-adjustable lid rises to make room for what would be the plant of your choosing.

This lid contains those bright LEDs, turning the Vivo Pot into a desk lamp as well. Of course, it wouldn’t be wise to rely on it as your only desk lamp since it simply augments rather than replaces your light source. To give off an even better atmosphere, there is a ring of light surrounding the plant, showing it off and giving you a unique night lamp should you need illumination in the dark. All in all, these are quite simple ideas, but the beautiful way they are combined together is what makes this concept design just as refreshing as the verdant life that’s growing inside it.