Midnight Bookworms Rejoice

I find my best reading is done at night. There’s too much stimulation during the day for me to fully immerse myself in a book. But then there’s the problem of disturbing the person next to you if you keep a light on so what’s one to do? The MARK bookmark is just the ticket. During the day it’s like any other bookmark but at night, glows to illuminate your pages via FOLED technology.

FOLEDs or flexible organic light emitting diodes provide bright illumination with very little power. MARK uses a sheet of thin plastic embedded with FOLEDs to achieve a glowing effect. The intensity of the light can be controlled and the best part is if you fall asleep, you’re bookmark is already where you left off. Although just a concept, MARK won the Red Dot Award for best design concept in 2007 so something like it will be in stores soon.

Designer: Avnish Gautam