Bicycle seat made from cork brings a more sustainable and comfortable bike ride

I still do not know how to ride a bike and I probably will not learn to ride one anytime soon. But I do know that it’s one of the more sustainable modes of transportation available out there and so I salute those who choose to be mobile this way. It’s also a bonus when bike manufacturers try to come up with more sustainable products or at least part of the actual bike. Not only are they saving the planet from traffic and pollution but they’re also bringing us more sustainable solutions for parts and accessories.

Designer: Frame Cycle

This Scottish brand is one such company that wants to bring more sustainable solutions for the bikes and bike parts that they manufacture. Their first product is called FR-1 Bike Saddle and it is made from cork. At first you would think this is not a sturdy and comfortable material for something that you will be sitting on probably for a long period. But cork is actually pretty durable and lightweight so it should be something that can last a long time and not hurt your tushy that much. It is also water-resistant and can offer better cushioning compared to other materials.

For the substructure of the seat, they used stamped titanium shell and grade five titanium rails. This material is actually stronger but also more lightweight compared to the more common steel that a lot of bike seats use. The cork pieces are actually molded in Portugal and so they’re supporting both sustainable and historic local cork farming. The lacquer applied to it is water-based and so you get even better weather resistance.

Price-wise, it’s probably a bit more expensive at $120 than bicycle seats that are usually made from plastic with a steel frame. One of the problems about sustainable products is that they are still not on the same price level as the ones using more non-sustainable materials. Hopefully, someday, we’ll see the sustainable products almost at par with other materials. If you think about it though, that’s still a small price to pay for helping our planet be more sustainable.