This antique lamp is made entirely out of LEGO bricks… and it has actual working LEDs inside it

The Staff Picks section of the LEGO Ideas forum remains one of my favorite places to visit on the internet. It’s filled with genuinely creative people who know how to realize their ideas while simultaneously working around constraints. How else would you build something as beautiful as this antique lamp that ACTUALLY works?!

Rather simply dubbed the LED Lamp, this creation from LEGO builders Castor-Troy and Max Brich models itself on the Tiffany-style stained-glass lamps from the older days. Originally popularized by Louis Comfort Tiffany (a stained-glass artist from the late 19th century), the lamps are characterized by an Art Nouveau-inspired form and a tinted glass shade that would often fill a room with fragments of colored light. While it would seem impossible to us common folk to make such an intricate lamp out of LEGO bricks, Castor-Troy and Brich rather effortlessly put this beautiful piece together in under 800 pieces… an achievement in itself!

Designers: Castor-Troy and Max Brich

The lamp comes with a rather ornate central shaft, connecting the base to its pièce de résistance – the decorative lampshade. Underneath the shade sits two LEGO 2 Powered UP Light modules, giving the lamp a total of 4 LEDs. While it isn’t powerful to light up an entire room, the Tiffany Lamp was always a dim ambient light source with an artistic appeal, so its LEGO counterpart definitely ticks those boxes.

A look underneath the hood reveals the two Powered UP LED modules

The lamp’s decorative design does absolute justice to its inspiration. It even comes with a faux chain-switch hanging from underneath the shade (which would be used to switch the lamp on or off). To power this lamp, however, there’s a manual switch on the base that needs to be flipped.

Moreover, Castor-Troy and Brich believe that the lamp can be expanded further by adding more ornate details to its design. In fact, to show how versatile even this current design is, they provided color options for the shade, choosing from an entire palette of translucent LEGO Bricks!

An entry on the LEGO Ideas forum, the LED Lamp currently has just over 5,000 votes from the global LEGO community. If it hits its goal of 10,000 votes, the folks at LEGO will turn it into a retail box-set that people just like us can buy and decorate their homes with! Click here to vote for the LED Lamp on the LEGO Ideas forum!