Maintaining your tablet at perfect eye level, this holder prevents neck strain!

Tired of fumbling around with your phone in the kitchen while trying to read a recipe, and cook at the same time? Or tired of never finding that perfect angle while watching a movie on your tablet? Well, this is where the SkyFloat swoops in. The SkyFloat is a futuristic ceiling mount that holds your smartphones and tablets! It suspends from the ceiling, giving the impression that it’s floating in the air. The telescopic holder allows you to watch movies, read e-books, refer to recipes while cooking or simply video chat at perfect eye level! In fact, you can easily respond to emails, participate in conference calls, and study important documents with ease at work! Extending approximately from 1.5 feet to 6 feet, the device is made up of aluminum, which contributes to its lightweight and durable nature.

How do you use SkyFloat? It’s simple. SkyFloat comes along with multiple ceiling plates. The holder connects to the ceiling plates via a super-powerful magnet called Neodymium. Peel off the sticker on the other end of the ceiling plate, and then mount and attach it to the ceiling in your room. You can attach the remaining ceiling plates to other sections of your home! Place your tablet or smartphone and start watching! You can rotate the holder and adjust it to the angle that’s perfect for you. You can adjust its length to place it at eye level. Simply tilt the long SkyFloat, and detach it from the ceiling plate when you want to shift it to another room!

SkyFloat introduces a completely unique hands-free experience with our smartphones and tablets. The cleverest smart device accessory is here!

Designer: SkyFloat

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