These marvelous fire extinguishers will make you feel like a superhero

Very few of us probably think about being ready for fires. We might have emergency go-bags prepared for disasters like earthquakes and floods, but most of us will still be caught unprepared if a fire breaks out. Fire extinguishers are, or at least should be, a necessity in any home, but that’s hardly the case. Even those that do have one or two keep them out of sight, rendering them inaccessible in an emergency. A major reason for that might be the unsightly appearance of these cylindrical tanks that create an eyesore that makes our minds averse to their presence. Unfortunately, that may come at a price of human lives, so this new breed of fire extinguishers rethink that design and turn it into an almost literal shield that you’d actually be proud to display anywhere in your house.

Designer: Premysl Kokes

The problem with emergencies and accidents is that you never know when they will happen, which is why they’re called emergencies and accidents. That’s why we need to be prepared for any eventuality and have the tools ready to aid us. Fire extinguishers are supposed to be easy to access and easy to use, but the reality is quite the opposite. They’re often placed in hard-to-reach corners and are cumbersome to operate, adding to the panic and stress that people would have already been suffering.

Designed by architect and fire survivor Přemysl Kokeš, the Hussechuck and Shield fire extinguishers completely redefine what you thought fire extinguishers should look like. While there’s very little to be done for the weight, simply changing its shape and manner of use can drastically improve its usability. In this case, turning the device into a circle like a giant steering wheel or shield frees one hand for other things and offers some protection for your body as well.

Whether it’s the basic Hussechuck or the covered Shield, the way you use it is the same. You slip your left arm into the strap and use a trigger to release the fire retardant from the front opening hole. There’s also a short hose for those times when you really need to use it like a traditional extinguisher. Otherwise, it can all be used with a single arm, freeing your other arm to support it or hold something else. It also makes you look cool, like a firefighting superhero donning a veritable shield.

Although the Hussechuck itself is already more presentable than a conventional tank, the Shield and Shield Plus add even more reasons for you to show it off on your walls. These two offer a variety of stylish covers, including some with a self-extinguishing textile surface, that turn them into decorative pieces for your interiors. With this redesign, you have fewer reasons to forget where you placed that life-saving device and even get to look a little cool under literal fire.