This spherical multipurpose seating solution swivels to face any side of the room!

Transforming and multipurpose furniture is a trend that never dies. While the former offers customers the freedom in re-organizing home’s décor, the latter offers versatility and ensures the unit can adapt to any interior setting. Irrespective of your home size and the décor style, multipurpose seating like the Sphere Bench provides a practical and simpler way to serve you in various ways without taking up much space.

Designed to be placed in a central position in your living room, Sphere, with its flexibility and multipurpose approach, allows a user to manipulate its form, so it adapts to the activity – sitting, reclining – that the user intends. Presented in an egg-like form factor with a wooden base, Sphere Bench has a gray fabric upholstered seating area divided in half by a high backrest. The top seating portion spins around to allow the user to face any side of the room instantly.

What’s more interesting is that its wedge (in contrasting yellow) doubles as a pillow when you want to relax and recline on the Sphere. On removing the wedge, the vacant space can be used as a cubby to keep your belongings or maybe have your partner or pet jump up to fill the void and cuddle up right beside you. We can use the multipurpose bench for sitting or reclining on; the backrest design seems a little too upright, which could be uncomfortable for long sessions. But for occasional chit-chat in the room, the Sphere looks very stylish and modern.

Designer: Maggie Jo