This transparent glamping pod rotates 360° for a luxurious panoramic view of your surroundings

The term “living in a bubble” may be associated with being disconnected from the harsh realities of the world, but in this case, it’s actually a good thing! The Living O’Pod is an experimental pod house that promotes a better lifestyle through the integration of nature into the home’s design. Designed for two people to comfortably stay in, the pod is shaped like a transparent bubble that sits amongst the wilderness, with a design so minimal, it puts its surroundings front and center. The two-story pod comes with a steel frame as its main structure, and glass panels all around, almost like a glass igloo. While this undeniably does a number on resident privacy, its remote location itself gives you the solitude you need to live with absolute transparency. The obvious benefit? Incredible lighting, stellar views, and probably the best sunrises and sunsets you could enjoy within the comforts of your bed!

Designer: UN10 Design Studio

“Home should be a personal space where you feel secure, creative, and inspired. The next housing concept should nurture the habitant’s soul, mind and also be resilient for the upcoming social, environmental, and technological challenges”, mention the designers at UN10 Design Studio. “Minimal, decentralized but connected, smart, and functional spaces need to be considered instead of the conventional urban fabric. The Living O’Pod is a space where you can communicate with mountains, trees, the sky, and streams.”

The Living O’Pod is a stunning outdoor getaway residence designed for Repovesi, Finland. Located in the woods, the home hopes to bring nature and humans closer, removing the boundaries between them through the use of literal transparent glass panels.  The house comes with two levels, featuring a master bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom, a living room, and a terrace spread across the entire property. The interiors and flooring are made of plywood, continuing the earthy, wooden theme of the forest around the pod, with panoramic views no matter what floor you’re on.

The Living O’Pod even sports a 360° rotation feature that allows the entire cabin to turn on its own vertical axis. This helps maximize the amount of natural light entering different parts of the house, while also giving you the exact view you want, during sunny days or starry nights.

Given its location in the mountainous terrain of Finland, the Living O’Pod comes equipped with a thermal insulating layer and a more-than-capable heating system to ‘ensure normal operation in the winter’. You can take a virtual tour of the pod by clicking here.