The Karaoke machine we deserve


The Singman has a lot of potential as a complete home entertainment unit in itself, but let’s focus on what it’s actually meant to do. This karaoke machine comes complete with everything you need, from speakers, to microphones, to inbuilt tracks, to even a projector! Coming in an unbelievably portable avatar, the Singman can be easily carried from not just room to room, but also on holidays. Its consolidated design houses four microphones on the top, along with a wireless remote. You’ve got the projector on the front, with speakers around the side and even a subwoofer at the bottom. Pretty dope, eh?? Well, it’s 2017 and we really deserve good things.

Functional Flipside: Okay, the Singman makes an amazing karaoke machine but honestly I’d like to see it as much more. Think about what an incredible presentation system it would make! Carry it to the boardroom, plug it in and project away while using the microphone for narration! What do you think, guys??

Designer: Ishita Kumar