Gaming aside: PlayStation 5 Controller Alarm Clock lets you set time, day, date from the D-pad

I’m not sure how many people still use alarm clocks but if you know a gaming fanatic, he would love to trade his smartphone for the PlayStation 5 Controller Alarm Clock by the bedside. If PlayStation rings a bell and you have a gamer in mind, level up to them with the PS controller-shaped alarm clock; a great gift to consider for Christmas!

The clock, designed to look like the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, is officially licensed and sold by Firebox. The entire contraption comprises a PS5 controller, which sits atop a charging dock and offers a gamer or an occasional Sony fan an option to station memorabilia by the bed; getting up every morning to the sight of a D-pad.

Designer: Firebox

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While the PlayStation 5 Controller Alarm Clock is a sight to behold, it is not a functional game controller. Perhaps, it is a functional alarm clock embedded with a 6.2-inch backlit LED display and D-pad controller buttons to set the alarm, date, and time.

With a fantastic semblance to the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, the digital alarm clock is powered using a USB port. Arguably, the alarm sound is the biggest feature of a table clock, however, there is no information (at the time of writing) about how the PS controller alarm clock sounds. You can have your own assumptions!

While you’re at it, go ahead and give a gamer in your like the option to wake up on time for ‘Call of Duty’ with the PlayStation 5 Controller Alarm Clock always by the bedside. Or else, if you’re growing bored of the same old table clock, here’s your chance to make a fun upgrade your little one is going to praise you for. And then don’t forget to tell us the experience each one of you has had with the wake-up alarm – don’t like the sound, hit the snooze on the D-pad!