Portable sauna lets you enjoy heat in the cold wilderness

When you’re going camping, you probably don’t expect to have all the comforts of a hotel or resort vacation. The idea is to rough it out in the middle of nature, unless what you prefer is to go glamping (glamorous camping in case you didn’t know). So if you want to add the joy of having a sauna when you’re outdoors, you’ll have to bring the sauna to you. Especially if you prefer to go camping in the cold weather, having a sauna with you is perfect and apparently, there is a portable one that you can now bring with you.

Designer: Sunga

Hoyry is a portable sauna tent that you can bring with you on your next camping trip and set it up wherever you want to. It is a pop-up structure that includes a wood-burning stove set just like your typical sauna. It’s not exactly something that you can pop up like a portable chair since there are several parts that you need to assemble but it is portable enough that you can bring it with you in the middle of the wilderness. It is big enough to let 3-4 adults use it at the same time and it has a heat retention capacity that can survive extremely cold conditions like that in Siberia.

The tent has dimensions of 2150×2150×2000 cm and 14.5kg while the stove is 250×650×460 big and 21kg heavy. The tent is made from 300D oxford fabric and has a 5-layer structure that is able to give it the thermal insulation that a sauna needs. It also has a maximum-size window for ventilation and an opening at the top so that the stove can blow the steam outside. The stove itself is made from stainless steel material and can support sauna stones of up to 16 kg.

The tent and the stove are both light enough to carry around and if you’re used to camping and putting up tents, then you should probably find it easy to set this up. The tent comes in two color variations, black or beige and white. Design-wise, it looks just like a usual tent except that you have a chimney sticking out for the ventilation of the stove. The stove works like any sauna with the stones that need to be “watered” to get it working.