Pineapple leather and copper tubes make up this space saving vase cover

Pineapple is not my favorite fruit. I mean I can eat it but it won’t make it to the top 10 or if there are other fruits, I’d rather not eat it. But I can’t deny that it’s one of the most popular and useful of the edible fruits out there. You can even use its peeling for other things so you don’t need to throw the rest of the non-edible parts away. There are a lot of designers and product creators out there that look for ways to use other fruit parts to create something sustainable and useful.

Designer: Barbora Adamonyte-Kei

KOPA is a leather vase made from pineapple leather and serves as a decorative vase cover that you can use over a glass. It’s actually space-saving, portable, and gives off a unique aesthetic to your desk or living room. All you need is an ordinary glass to serve as your water holder and then the leather vase will be used to cover it up and somehow beautify it, although pineapple leather is simple and minimalist by itself and it’s not that colorful.

The vase cover is made from beige and black pineapple leather and has copper tubes with rubber finishing. You have the 250 and 300 mm option for the height and a 130mm width. The tube is small and can hold a thin stem of flowers so if you want to have several different flowers, you’ll have to use a few glasses and covers. All you have to do is place the cover over the glass and if it gets wet in the process, it will just dry up on its own.

Sometimes you don’t need to have something elaborate or ornate on your desk or to decorate your living room. If this matches your aesthetic and you’re in need of space-saving and simple vases, then the KOPA pineapple leather vase should be right up your alley.