Waiter, there’s a Harley Davidson in my drink

You know what, I love infused spirits as much as the next guy, but infusion could have a very broad meaning… Take for instance the Archaeologist Gin, from a certain Uwe Ehinger. Highly reputed in the bike circuit for putting together some of the most incredible restorations using vintage bike parts, Ehinger took his passion and spirit for bikes and well, literally put it in a spirit. Probably the only scenario where drinking and driving can go together, don’t be surprised if you find bike parts floating around in the Archaeologist Gin bottle… because that’s completely intended. Uwe designed and perfected a technique of literally infusing vintage Harley Davidson flavor into his gins with the Archaeologist. Available in three types, the gin bottles come suspended with bike engine parts that were also used in the distilling process.

Obviously each bike component was specially cleaned and sealed before brewing (I particularly don’t like engine oil notes in my alcohol), and was inserted into the specially designed bottles through the wide base (which was then sealed shut with a steel platform). The bottles pay tribute to their eras and their original bikes very well with each bottle being hand-sealed and packaged in a specially printed story of the bike part’s origin. The bottles are then packaged in cardboard boxes that make use of all design hallmarks of the 30s from color and font selection to even using a Heidelberg Tiegel printing press from the 30s to replicate the style. These bottles are incredibly limited edition, and come for a rather hefty price tag… but they’re only for the total, and literal gearhead. Me? I like keeping my bikes and booze separated.

Designer: Ehinger Kraftrad (The Archaeologist)