Smart Survival at Sea


Life jackets have seen major improvements with the modern introduction of things like water-activated LED lights and self-inflation systems, but in a vast ocean these do little to help locate lost individuals. To solve this problem, the Ahti X1 lifejacket includes a built-in locator designed specifically for “man-overboard” situations. Once the life jacket is inflated, it begins pinging the location on a mobile application that displays the victim in relation to the vessel to track their location over a period of time. When tracking the victim, relevant information such as time in water, distance to victim, vessel speed and direction, wind-data and water temperature is displayed. The smart app can also assist with maintenance of life jackets to avoid malfunctions, low batteries and more. Better yet, Ahti X1’s low profile design and stylish look are not only comfortable but encouraging to wear – after all, life jackets can save lives, but only if you wear them!

Designer: Mats Lönngren