This graphene hoodie amplifies your body’s heat, making you feel warmer in under 60 seconds

Here’s the sheer magic of Graphene. A garment that’s about as thin as a regular fleece hoodie, possesses the ability of a down jacket or a thick comforter. Meet the SpeedWarm, a hoodie made from graphene-infused fabric that uses your own body heat to its advantage. In mere minutes, the SpeedWarm Hoodie will have you feeling fuzzy and toasty without needing to wear multiple layers of clothing or touching the thermostat. Go ahead and cue in the Jesse Pinkman “Yeah Science!” meme…

The SpeedWarm Hoodie is quite literally the future of thermal-wear. The hoodie, which covers you from your head to your knees, is a thin garment made from polyester fibers, with graphene woven in between. The graphene helps trap and distribute body heat, keeping you comfortable, while the polyester helps wick out moisture, allowing you to stay warm without feeling sweaty. The hoodie’s heating ability works in just seconds, given that graphene is the fastest conductor of heat and electricity in the world… and since polyester helps naturally absorb and release moisture, the SpeedWarm Hoodie can be worn immediately after a bath (so that your wet skin doesn’t feel the cold). The SpeedWarm hoodie’s proprietary fabric quickly dries you off, and self-dries pretty fast too, so you’re warm in seconds, and dry in minutes! This effectively means you can wear the Speedwarm as a hoodie, but also as a blanket, and even a bathrobe (hint: just wear it all day!)

This is where the SpeedWarm Hoodie’s aesthetic comes in. Styled as a solid-colored garment that looks like any other round-collar hoodie from the waist-up (except for those broad sleeves), the SpeedWarm is great to wear throughout the day… even on work-calls. The hoodie-aesthetic is just the right amount of casual, allowing you to pass it off as just another hoodie on video calls. Off the camera, the SpeedWarm is perfect for lounging in. Its lightweight + knee-length design keeps most of your body feeling toasty without the bulky layers, while the hood and pockets allow you to get even more comfortable… whether it’s in bed, on the couch, or even outdoors! The SpeedWarm comes in two sizes across three colors, and ships as soon as April 2021.

Designer: Jason Su of A.Brolly

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SpeedWarm Hoodie – The Hoodie that Warms You Up in 60 Seconds

The SpeedWarm is made from Graphene fiber, the world’s fastest heat-conducting fiber which also has the highest heat absorption that makes the hoodie warm-up by 5 degrees Celsius or 41 Fahrenheit within 60 seconds.

The Benefits of Graphene

Structure of Graphene

– Thermoregulation.
– The thinnest material known to the world.
– It reflects far infrared energy back into its wearer’s body.
– The warmth produced by the human body is preserved and distributed evenly.
– It can be applied in smart textile and can replace synthetic fibers, due to the lightness, greater elasticity and greater conductivity.

Design Details

Colors to Choose From

Click Here to Buy Now: $47 $89 (47% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!