Ignite Desk separates work and personal life in a simple yet effective way

It’s probably arguable that many of us spend the majority of our waking moments in front of desks and tables, whether it’s for work, play, or anything in between. The desk, in particular, has long been associated with working, studying, or other kinds of activities that require a flat surface, and the desk’s core design hasn’t changed much until recently. Limited room space has given birth to modular desk designs, while work-from-home arrangements caused multi-purpose desks to flourish. Even as the world settles down into the cadence of a “new normal,” the need to separate work from other activities at home hasn’t gone away. This customizable desk has a design that respects that separation of concerns, and it implements this in a beautifully minimalist manner.

Designer: Subi Hahn

The same desk can be used for almost anything, of course, and you’re free to configure it the way you like or need things to be. Switching between different modes or kinds of work, however, can be tedious and cumbersome, especially if you use different specialized tools for the job. The amount of work needed to keep your desk organized and tidy can be daunting and disheartening, so most will eventually end up with a cluttered desk that just mixes everything together.

The simplest solution that doesn’t involve buying a new desk is to just cover your work desk when you’re done and uncover it again the next day. The Ignite Desk concept design borrows that idea but expands it to make the same desk usable for two different purposes. In its “neutral” state, the backboard is unfolded over the entire desk, providing a flat and clean surface you can use for activities like reading, playing, or even eating.

To put the Ignite Desk in its “active” state, simply push and fold the backboard to the rear, revealing the second-level work space underneath. Rather than just a simple tabletop, it provides a few sections and customizable modules that let you set up your workstation according to your job and needs. There are containers for stationery and accessories, for example, as well as a wireless charging pad. There are hidden power outlets for your devices as well as movable dividers to really personalize your setup.

The Ignite Desk doesn’t have a sophisticated mechanism, and its design is practically to cover the real work desk with another desk. At the same time, however, it creates a clear yet flexible division between the desk you use for work with the desk that you can use for everything else. Even if you don’t actually use this “neutral” mode desk, it still encourages creating a sort of ritual where you put a start and an end to your work hours, letting you allocate time for the rest of your life and, hopefully, leave enough room to ignite your creativity and the time for work finally does arrive.