Being mat-erialistic!


The Sanskar Mat celebrates the Indian heritage of floor-seating. Traditional practices involved sleeping on the floor, studying while seated on the floor, and even eating while seated on the floor. Being connected to the ground is akin to being in touch with one’s spiritual side. That’s why meditation is done on the floor, rather than a chair or raised platform. Floor seating/sleeping is also supposed to be incredible for the spine and one’s posture.

The magic of the Sanskar mat is that it adapts to different everyday functions. It aims to change the way we perceive furniture because with the Sanskar mat, one mat does it all. You can sleep on it, sit on it, and even fold it to create a raised table-like surface for resting your books or food. The mat even folds up into a small bundle allowing it to be stored away for when you need it later. As a person who sleeps on the floor myself, I give the Sanskar Mat my thumbs up!

Designer: Nivida Malhotra