The Kitchen Lab

Spirulina is a magic superfood that is suitable for all ages and stages in life. You can Wiki the details, so I’m moving on to the concept of this project called ‘Grow Your Own Proteins’. The idea is to have a workstation that allows you to grow and then 3D print Spirulina along with other food, so that you indulge in a healthy diet. This mini lab is equipped with all the tools to make it you an urban aqua-farmer.

Let’s get experimenting with these super cool algae! Hopefully we get to see more of this semi-finalist entry of the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab competition.

Designer: Anne Couvert-Castera

[youtube: 600 451]


  • sslavi says:

    For a Star Trek-style lunch. 🙂

  • stephen russell says:

    Test concept on Style TV, Cooking Channel, PBS TV & Food Network Channel alone, awesome
    Must for cruise ships & hotels (be awesome to produce vegetables for diners in dining rooms)
    & for colleges & high schools alone.

  • Monnaie says:

    Nice, Lovable interior designing and interior furnishing too!

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