Lounge chair concept has multi-function backrest for chair potatoes

When looking for chairs that I’ll be using for a long time, comfort is always a priority. For a couch potato like me, I will most likely spend hours here reading a book, catching up on my favorite TV series or just lounging around and doing nothing. Chances are I’ll also have a drink in one hand so the chair should also be accessible to a side table or something to place my coffee cup or wine glass on. But what if the chair itself has space for your drink among other things?

Designer: MSDS Studio

The Surround Lounge Chair is a concept for a chair that will probably make its way to my apartment if ever it becomes available. It has a sort-of three-dimensional backrest that will let you take different sitting (and sometimes lying) positions, whichever you are most comfortable with and which one you need to be in at the moment. This means it’s spacious enough for you to sit cross legged, reclining, leaning back or hunched over. There’s even a photo showing someone lying on the chair and it still seems comfortable enough.

What really caught my attention is the “shelf” that is part of the backrest technically but can be used for various purposes. You can use it to have your coffee cup nearby, to write on your notebook or journal, to rest your arm while resting on the chair, or to use as your headrest when you want to lie down while reading or taking a nap. From a design perspective, it gives off an avant-garde look as compared to more traditional-looking chairs but looks comfortable enough as a functional chair.

The chair body is made from RPET or recycled polyethylene terephthalate so you can say that there is an environmentally friendly aspect to this concept. The lounge cover itself has a carpet-like material and the designer says there is a “soft” functionalism core to it. It looks to have a tough and sturdy appearance and while you definitely need that for a chair, you also need it to be soft and comfortable. Hopefully this one will be but based on the product renders, it might be a great addition for couch potatoes like me.