These tiny tent-like pods transform your office into your personal camp ground

After two years of working at home, some of us looked forward to going back to the office and interacting with other people. Well, some of us, not all. There are times now when I need to be productive but there are too many people around trying to distract you and get your attention. What I wouldn’t give to have a temporary tent that I can put up when I need to concentrate and then put back down when I want to socialize. Well, you can somehow do this with this freestanding pod and it’s pretty affordable.

Designer: Steelcase

While cubicles are the usual solution to create some sort of privacy in offices, not all workplaces can afford to have this. Sometimes there’s also not enough space to separate work areas through those modules. But the Pod Tent is something that’s a bit more flexible and also more affordable. Basically you get a tent-like pod (hence the name) that you can enclose your desk and chair in so you can get some semblance of privacy while you continue to work.

The aluminum frame gives it a more flexible and organic shape and is also pretty easy to assemble. It also gives a pretty different aesthetic to the workplace, like you’re somehow all on a camping trip while working. You can just leave your shells temporarily when you want to socialize or turn your chair around to talk to your officemates. It can also be used as a lounge or relaxation area if you already have cubicles in your office.

The Pod Tent comes with 3 options for fabrics (sheer, ascent, era) and can be in just one solid color or two color families. It does give off a more relaxed vibe and is not as stuffy looking as the normal cubicles or dividers we see in offices. If it’s sound proofing you need though, this doesn’t seem to be the answer. But if you’re looking for a different aesthetic and something that’s more affordable and flexible, then this is something you may want to try out for your workspaces.