Eco-friendly food container gives a playful moment to picky eaters

One of the most common problems that parents of young children face is to make their kids finish their food, especially if it’s something they don’t like. They employ a lot of tricks and rewards just to get their kids to eat their veggies but they don’t always get results. Some kids do grow out of picky eating while some carry this habit over into adulthood. Parents and guardians do need all the help they can and sometimes, it can come in the actual containers that the food are placed in.

Designer: Wonjun Jo

At first glance, this product concept to help kids eat and finish their food seems to have no connection to picky eating. Float looks like regular food storage that kids can bring to school but upon closer inspection, it is a bit more interesting. It is made from sustainable materials with the body itself and the spork that comes with it made from CXP or Cellulose X-linked Polymer. The cap or cover is made from Polypropylene while the ring is from silicone. The entire thing consists of the main container, a side dish tray, and a spork (spoon and fork in one, in case you didn’t know what that is).

The shape of the container is inspired by a ship and that’s where the helping picky eaters comes in. Before starting to eat, parents are encouraged to talk to their kids about the perils of leftover food. After eating, you can then float the container in water and depending on how much leftover food is there inside, the ship will lose its balance and sink or if they finished everything, it will float. This gives a bit of interactivity in trying to convince kids to eat all of their food.

Not being a parent, I’m really not sure if this will actually convince kids to eat food that they may not always like. If your kid is into nautical things, they might have fun in assembling and disassembling the container and may want to see the “ship” float and therefore finish their food. At the very least, you get an eco-friendly food container that they can use for school or even at home.