TerraMaster delivers a sleek, easy-to-use data storage solution for modern homes

We live in a world that revolves around information, particularly information stored as electronic data. From the files we use at work to the photos we use to record our memories, we accumulate and use a ton of data that can easily outgrow the common 2TB hard drives available on the market. In our homes alone, we have photos, videos, music, and other files that we need to keep safe and have quick access to, sometimes from different devices. Products like USB flash drives can no longer keep up with our growing collections and needs. That’s why there has been a surge in data storage solutions like NAS or Network Attached Storage products, and TerraMaster, one of the leading brands in that market, just dropped two new options designed to accommodate all your data needs at home and then some.

Designer: TerraMaster

Truth be told, NAS boxes won’t fit the bill of designer products, and that’s not exactly surprising. Their designs are more utilitarian than anything, preferring to err on the side of usability and efficiency rather than aesthetics. That’s not to say, however, that the new TerraMaster F4-223 and F2-223 are nothing to look at because their sharp metal bodies and compact designs are exactly what make them ideal for use at home and home offices.

The aluminum chassis of these two NAS solutions give them a certain luster that makes them fit with the rest of your silver-coated computer accessories, like your monitor or laptop. Although it isn’t bereft of some accents and branding marks, its design is pretty spartan and minimalist. Everything you see exists to serve a practical purpose rather than just being eye candy. The panels in front, for example, aren’t just for show and make it trivial to access the drive bay inside by simply lifting up the corresponding cover.

Everything about the F4-223 and F2-223 is designed for ease of use. You don’t need tools to attach or remove a drive, not even a screwdriver, reducing the downtime needed to add storage or replace corrupted drives. Although you might need tools to access the innards of the NAS, you can still easily upgrade the RAM or add an SSD cache to speed things up. Considering these products are made to last a long time, the ability to upgrade certain specs definitely helps in prolonging their use.

Of course, a NAS isn’t just a glorified external data storage, and TerraMaster equipped these two new products with its best hardware and software. NAS boxes are practically computers in their own right, and these two are no exception. Especially with the new TerraMaster OS or TOS 5.0 and TRAID functionality. Whether you’re simply storing file backups, using it as your home media center, or hosting your own private cloud and photo management solution, the TerraMaster F4-223 and F2-223 promise a stress-free solution that will look good on your desk or in any corner of the room.