Seeing Time Differently

Inside this post you will see five watches. Of these five watches, there are four designs, one with two colorways: black and white. These watches are made by designer Denis Guidone, who says, “I don’t like to design watches, what I really like is to design time” That’s a pretty bold thing to say, yes? But Guidone’s got some pretty fabulous watches here. Let’s take a look.

The four watches are called thusly: Ora Unica, Ora Lattea, Tempo Libero, and Ora. Each of these is simple, essential, lovely. I’m tellin ya.

1. ORA UNICA – It’s black with a white swirl. It aims to be provocative through lack of discipline. Without time, without hours one sees the time but does not think of it. Strange? Yes! There are actually hour and minute hands, they’re there, and if you figure out a way to tell the time I commend you! A very strange watch indeed. Available in black, two sizes: 36 mm or 42 mm diameter.

2. TEMPO LIBERO – It’s a white hand and a red hand. It’s a decentralization of the minute hand, creating a whole new situation of transformations every hour of the day. Available in black, 2 sizes : 36 mm or 42 mm diameter.

3. ORA LATTEA – White with the dots. It’s like the solar system. A place that’s vast, empty, and totally easy to lose yourself in. Big dot hours, small dot minutes, center dot fixed. Available in white, 2 sizes 36 mm or 42 mm diameter.

4. ORA – Oh man look at the loop you just got thrown through. It’s not a circle. It’s got cuts in it! It’s imperfect, but even this cannot stop the time. Available in white and black, size 42 mm diameter.

Designer: Denis Guidone of NAVA Design

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