Kitchen Designs that become your interior design inspiration!

Growing up in a large extended family, gatherings were common and they would all center around the kitchen. Kitchens have always held a special space in my memories, so designing the same needs special attention! The designs we bring to you today are kitchens equipped to handle anything that comes their way! Minimal, modern, colorful, and elegant, we are sure these kitchen designs will match your vibe and inspire you to create your happy space!

An open-plan kitchen is difficult to merge with the rest of the house while making it stand apart. This kitchen is a part of a house built by a high school sweetheart couple who have detailed their journey of designing their dream house on IG under the page @ahousewebuilt. The underlying theme throughout the interior is a combination of earthy tones with black highlights to create a focal point.

A mix of teal and black accent furnishings with light wooden cabinets gives this kitchen an intriguing mix of retro yet modern feels. Designed by Madeleine, this kitchen is perfect for those who want the best of both worlds!

This modern kitchen design by Edvinas Skiestenis is perfect for our modern homes! Matte black countertops, shelves, and cabinets manage to add a sleek urban feel.

Mysha of @remingtonavenue is an expert at using a mix of wood, metal, and also DIY-ing designs to create a harmonious layout! Each part of her kitchen uses a mix of white and gold without making it overtly feminine with the use of gold burnished metal lamps that balance the space.

Dark yet fresh, that is exactly how I would describe this contrast filled kitchen design by Margaret Naeve Parker. The dark kitchen cabinets make the modern chrome-finish appliances stand out, giving this kitchen a modern look.

I wouldn’t mind whipping up some breakfast in this beach-facing kitchen by Gicinque Cucine! Minimal cork stools and a wooden kitchen counter are accompanied by breathtaking views of the ocean.

“We wanted it to be open yet connected,” the owner says. “We wanted living to be downstairs and sleeping to be upstairs.” Designer Eric Olsen designed a great room in the middle connects to the kitchen, and a guest suite wraps around the left side. And we can’t help but love the hanging lamps that create a focal point as well as a differentiation between the two spaces.

Man-cave meet kitchen! Leather, hues of copper, and warm accents fill up this kitchen design by Lori Clarke Design. But the focal point of this entire setup is the copper hood that dominates the place while giving the modern kitchen a touch of the antique.

Do you dare to blue? This kitchen is surely inspiring us to go bluer! Designed by Evan Ljunghag, Joshua Coffie of Vigeo Construction the use of blue tiles in the backsplash to create a contrast that makes your kitchen stand apart with ease.

Sometimes we should just let nature do the talking, or in this case, the beautiful wooden countertop with its natural curves should do the talking. PureHaven Homes designed this kitchen with a massive wooden platform that acts as a separator as well as a bar set up in this kitchen that feels perfect for any bachelor pad!


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