This minimal bell-shaped lamp functions as three lighting designs in one

I truly believe the secret to uplifting a desk or any small space is a lamp. I know, sounds super simplistic, but the right kind of lamp can really do wonders to a tiny space. Whether it’s your work desk, your bedside table, or a little nook in your home – adding a lamp to it can elevate it by manifolds, and add a burst of character to it. Whether you’re an extravagant soul who loves a bit of jazz and glamour or the more simple kind who prefers minimalistic designs – selecting the right lamp according to your personal taste and preference can boost not only your living space but your mood too! I’m from the latter group, and I love a minimal yet brilliantly designed lamp. And, the Bell Lamp by Seiki Ishii seems to tick all the checkboxes for me.

Designer: Seiki Design Studio

“This mobile light was designed with the functionality of Japanese lanterns as a motif, in the hope of creating a light that connects the inside and outside of the house,” said Seiki Design Studio.

Japanese designer Seiki Ishii designed the Bell Lamp for the Seiki Design Studio. Created from recycled glass, it can be used as a floor lamp, table lamp, or wall-mounted light. What instantly grabs my attention is the adorable bell-shaped lampshade, which has been topped with a bright blue loop. The little loop can be used to place the lamp on a wall-mounted hook or floor stand. Or you can switch the lampshade to a tabletop stand as well.

“It can be carried around, hung, or stood up, and fits the situation where you want to illuminate everything from your hand to the space around you,” said Seiki Design Studio.

The Bell Lamp is an extremely versatile lighting design that you can place anywhere in your home or office, depending on your need or requirement. It’s lightweight, minimal, and modular – providing immense utility in its tiny form.