This inter-dimensional fidget toy will absolutely melt your brain

Fidget toys may be a thing of the past, but the Wavelinks Puzzle feels like something from a futuristic alternate universe. Made entirely from four pieces of interlocking metal, the Wavelinks comes together in unique ways, challenging your eyes, fingers, and mind to find ways to pull the pieces apart.

Rarely do I write about a product that baffles me – although this is clearly one of those times. My eyes are in love with what I’m seeing but my mind fails to comprehend exactly how complicated-yet-beautiful this puzzle is.

Designers: Art of Play & Craighill (Original schematic by Rod Bogart)

Click Here to Buy Now: $98 $160 ($62 off). Hurry, only 5/250 left! Raised over $370,000.

The Wavelinks Puzzle uses four identical metallic pieces that come together to form two interlocking donuts (or toruses to be precise) that are difficult to separate. You can twirl the donuts around, disassemble the individual donut pieces, or just fiddle/fidget with the cold, smooth metallic toy… but separating them requires skill and mental acuity. Whether you figure it out in the first hour of playing with it, or take days to learn its ways, the Wavelinks Puzzle’s wonderful intersection of science and art feels endlessly fascinating to look at and interact with!

The initial idea for the Wavelinks was developed in 2017 by Rod Bogart, using a mechanism that was previously unknown to the puzzle world. A challenge to engineer and manufacture, it took the folks at Art of Play and Craighill up until 2019 to figure out how to make the Wavelinks Puzzle out of metal. Each piece of the Wavelinks Puzzle is machined from Stainless Steel, giving it the heft it needs to feel satisfyingly heavy as you fidget with it.

You can grab a Wavelinks in either matte silver + vapor black, or go for the hypnotizingly beautiful iridescent finish. The Wavelinks measures roughly 3 x 2 x 2.5 inches in size, and weighs a pretty impressive 1 lb 3 ounces. You can even check out some of Craighill’s other impressive metal fidget puzzles on their Kickstarter campaign page below!

Click Here to Buy Now: $98 $160 ($62 off). Hurry, only 5/250 left! Raised over $370,000.