Electric bowl and spoon gives you salty taste without any salt

One thing that I’ve been learning ever since I accepted that I am definitely getting older is that you can’t really eat everything that you liked eating when you were younger. High salt intake is one of the greatest enemies especially when you want to get healthy or you want to lose weight. But there are also times when you want your food to actually have a salty taste without actually using that much salt. A lot of healthy food taste delicious but are not really tasty.

Designer: Kirin

The good news for salt-lovers that are trying to cut back on real salt is that there are some food tech companies and product designers trying to get around this. Kirin in particular is developing a bowl and spoon that will give your food some taste when they come in contact with the utensils. But there is no salt that is used so the salt-like test should be good or at least not harmful to your health. Your taste buds and your heart will thank you.

How it works is that there is some sort of electricity on the surface of the bowl and spoon that releases ions when the food touches them. There are also metal strips on the tip of the spoon and the edge of the bowl and if you want to experience the full effect, you should eat from these areas. They bring a “pseudo perception” to your tongue that somehow triggers a salt-like taste and there are even four levels of intensity that you can get from these utensils.

If you’re worried about the effect of this “electricity” on your body, particularly your tongue, you need not worry as the current is “very weak” and should not electrocute you in any way. Unlike the previous “electric chopsticks” where you had to wear a separate attachment to enjoy the taste, the bowl and the spoon should work on their own, withe help of the circuit and battery that come with it. As to whether the taste can compare with actual salt, that remains to be seen, or rather, tasted.