These smart bone-conducting headphones are a pretty compelling alternative to the AirPods

Priced at nearly $50 cheaper than the 3rd Gen AirPods, the Haylou PurFree are a novel kind of smart earbuds. In fact, they aren’t even earbuds at all. Designed to run on bone conduction technology, the PurFree plays audio without sitting inside your ear. Instead, it delivers audio signals to your temple-bones, which carry the waves directly to your inner ear, allowing you to hear music without having devices inside your ear. The biggest pro of this new kind of technology? Well, you can listen to music but still hear the world around you, so whether you’re listening to music while walking on the pavement, or just attending calls while at home, you can hear everything around you from a honking car or the pizza delivery guy at the doorbell. It’s quite literally the original ‘Transparency Mode’!

Designer: Kevin Zeng

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A winner of both the Red Dot Design Award as well as the German Design Award, the Haylou PurFree comes with a spectacularly sleek design that’s IP67 waterproof and has the Qualcomm 3044 flagship chip on the inside to provide noise cancelation while you’re on calls.

Its wraparound shape features a titanium alloy band that’s strong yet flexible and lightweight at just 28 grams, and silicon earpieces that wrap around your ear and rest firmly against your temple-bones, delivering audio vibrations directly to your brain. This way, your eardrum isn’t under strain from loud audio, and you don’t need to worry about earpieces getting dirty or gathering earwax. Since nothing sits inside the ear, the PurFree remains clean all the time, and its secure fit makes it perfect for gymming too. Plus, you can just wipe the sweat right off.

The Haylou PurFree’s insides are about as impressive as its outsides. A state-of-the-art Qualcomm 3044 chip runs the PurFree, giving it the ability to connect rapidly to devices using Bluetooth 5.2, support dual connections (so you can hook it to your phone and your laptop together), and even allowing it to perform cVc noise cancelation using the PurFree’s dual mic array. This means you can take calls even in noisy environments and the PurFree will isolate your voice without picking up all the background noise. This works exceptionally well for voice commands too, which are possible too with the PurFree.

The PurFree comes powered by Haylou’s tech chops too, and the company promises a high bass response thanks to Haylou’s directional audio technology. Unlike other bone-conducting headphones, the PurFree doesn’t face any issues with audio leakage either, thanks to a 360° sealed design that ensures people around you can’t snoop in on what you’re listening to. The PurFree provides 8 hours of listening on a full charge, and charges from 0 to 100% in 1.5 hours (just 10 minutes of charging gives you 2 hours of listening time). The PurFree also comes with a magnetic charger that snaps onto the earphones, making charging easy and hassle-free.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79.99 $119.99 ($40 off at checkout). Hurry, for YD readers only. Deal ends Sept 30th.