Action camera for your pet comes with built-in clip that fixes onto any collar

Ever looked at your pet and wondered what they’re thinking? Although that just isn’t physically possible given current technology, you can, however, see what they’re seeing! The KIVI is a GoPro-inspired camera that’s designed to strap directly onto a pet collar, giving you the most glorious PoV of all time. Just plug it on your dog while playing fetch or at the beach, or onto your cat while you’re at work, and you can live the good life right from their perspective. Plus I like the idea of being able to see yourself the way your pet sees you!

Designer: Eli Lan

The KIVI Pet Camera is an action cam designed to be collar-compatible. Although most cameras are human-centric, the KIVI raises the question – Why should sapiens have all the fun?!

Armed with a single lens sitting in a cube-shaped form (with a built-in flashlight no less), KIVI sits on your pet’s collar, recording everything they do and see. There aren’t any details on the action camera (given that it’s a form exercise and not a professional concept), but I’d imagine that without a display (like the one on the GoPro), the KIVI has a fairly long battery life. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had a robust stabilization system either, given how frisky pets can be.

The KIVI Pet Camera also comes with a charging dock that allows it to replenish its battery after a long day of recording.