This LEGO Cybertruck could possibly ship before the real one does!

Why wait till 2021 to get your Cybertruck when you could get your hands on one much sooner? Tesla-fan and LEGO-whiz BrickinNick created a scaled-down model of the Tesla Cybertruck made entirely out of LEGO bricks. The resemblance is admittedly uncanny, so much so that I’m beginning to think the automotive design team at Tesla probably used LEGO pieces to conceptualize the design (I’m kidding, don’t cancel me).

Probably as indestructible as the real thing (have you ever seen a lego brick break??), the Cybertruck currently sits in LEGO’s Ideas forum, gathering votes from the public. If approved, LEGO may just release their own official kit, but until then, we’ve got this impressive construction by BrickinNick complete with an opening front trunk and rear vault. If Nick gets as many as 10,000 votes, he promises to build opening doors, a fully-furnished interior, and even throw in a Tesla ATV + Ramp! You can click on the designer credits below to cast your vote on LEGO’s Ideas forum.

Designer: BrickinNick