Always Take The Weather With You

Love the song and the deep meaning of taking the weather with you, albeit only if it’s sunshine and cheery! The thing with weather predictions in most countries is that it’s the most unreliable news relayed on the TV Channels. For example, in my hometown if the station predicts a sunny day, be assured it’s going to rain heavy! To remove this ambiguity about the weather, we have here the StormTag – your personalized weather station.

The beauty about this device is that it’s small and portable, good enough to be a weather station on your key ring. The main purpose of the StormTag is to keep you in the loop about approaching storms and weather conditions. Its for those who work in a weather-dependent environment like sailors and outdoors folks, science enthusiasts like storm chasers or just regular folks like us who’d really like to know if we should take the efforts of carrying our umbrellas to work or not!

StormTag has the capability of storing a year worth of temperature, barometer, humidity and UV data. It syncs to your phone, thus allowing you to crowd source weather information! Designed to be 100% waterproof, the device is small and handy.

We asked man behind it all – Jon Atherton to highlight a few features of the StromTag and this is what he asked us at the first go – What if you could be part of a team that changed the way our climate was analyzed?

We’re about to start a 2-year worldwide project to perfect crowd sourced weather data, and your StormTag will contribute meaningful data that is open for scientific analysis.

StormTag Shares Weather Data to the Cloud

The StormTag App collects data to provide you with some weather predictions in real time, even without an internet connection.


  • Barometric Pressure Sensor for weather mapping.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • Over 1 year battery life.
  • Data logging for as long as the battery lasts.
  • Weather data is stored in onboard memory even when your phone or tablet is not connected to StormTag+.
  • More regular syncing will deliver finer grained data.
  • Humidity Sensor: to provide more accurate forecasting and more complete data collection.
  • UV sensor.

The water resistant design hooks onto ski jackets, backpacks, key rings, and boat keys. The device has a temperature and a barometric pressure sensor and it uses Bluetooth LE to communicate this data to iPhones, iPads and compatible Android devices.

The most helpful aspect is that you also contribute all this anonymous data back to the StormTag’s cloud of weather information where scientists can access it and all other StormTag owners. This will go to improve localized weather predictions and give you the real updates on the weather. Good going!

Available At: StormTag [ Buy it Here ]

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